Monday, August 2, 2010

Coming Home

I'm back!  The last three weeks I have been away from home.  The first two, I was house sitting.  I was in a big empty house all to myself.  Lots of time to read, blog and fill out job applications.  Last week I was away at a bible camp, where I went with a group of youth from my church as a chaperone.

Camp was great.  More on that is sure to come.  But what amazed me about the last three weeks is that, before they started, I was really excited to not be home.  I am living with my parents and younger brother since I am looking for a job and paying loans, so I can't yet afford my own place.  But by the middle of last week I just wanted MY bed.  MY room.  MY space.  It amazes me how I came home unpacked and immediately felt a little relief.  I was back in my comfort space.  The space that I (sort of) set up.  Where I can just be me.  I know where everything is and where everything should be.

Comfort is something that I think everyone craves.  But sometimes we miss things by hiding out.  I am sure that I do.  Comfort is great, but I need to remember that pushing the limits of that comfort is what challenges me.  What makes me discover new things about myself, about the world around me.  About who I am and about who I could be.

(Being home also means I am back with my computer and good internet.  It will take some time to catch up on all the blog posts I have missed in the last week.  But I will get there eventually.  Have a wonderful day!)


  1. Thanks! Moving in has definitely been interesting! New York apartments are TEENY TINY! So I'm a little excited about what I do with it myself!

  2. It's strange how much comfort you can get from just being in your own space. Glad to have you back!


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