Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wordy Wednesday

It's Wednesday.  For many, it's one of the busier days of the week.  You realize all the work that must be done before Friday.  Maybe you have commitments in the evening that tie you up. Maybe you are just tired after a couple long days at work.

Regardless, Wordy Wednesday here at 'The Sunset Won't' is a quote, short passage or verse that I enjoy and want to share with you.  Today's passage is a letter from the end of a book by Brenda Minton, a letter to her readers.

Life sometimes feels like a puzzle that isn’t quite coming together the way we want it to.  We have all the pieces, we know what it is supposed to look like and we know how we want it to go together, but for some reason we can’t make it work.  As things crumble, as pieces fail to fit and nothing seems to work, we begin to see the edges of the puzzle come together.  The framework is there, it just takes time and patience.  Sometimes we have to move on and then later, when we look back, we suddenly see that what we thought was a plan falling apart was actually God’s plan coming together.

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