Friday, January 7, 2011

Give Yourself a Present

Money doesn't grow on trees.  Gold can't be found at the end of a rainbow.  Sorry to burst your bubble.  Life's hard.  Surprise!

Some days at work or school seem endless.  You've got a big project that's due.  You've got a to-do list that just got 5 items longer.  The world doesn't always hand you presents wrapped in shiny paper with a big red bow.  Sometimes we need to give ourselves the present.

Today I went to buy a small holiday gift for someone.  I walked in the store with the intention of walking around, trying to find just the right thing.  Instead I came upon a bargain book section.  AWESOME!  I walked around for a good 30 minutes finding 3 books that were each under $6.  The kind of book I really like to read, and one was by a favorite author.

Later that night I realized that sometimes we just need to give ourselves a present.  Not rewarding yourself just because, but giving yourself something because you deserve it.  Maybe it's a new book, a piece of cake or just allowing yourself a couple hours to do nothing.

Life isn't always going to do it for us... so once in awhile, give yourself a present.

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