Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Wordy Wednesday

Wednesday.  A busy busy day for many.  For me it seems all of life is busy lately.  But on Wednesdays I share a brief passage, quote or lyric to share with you.  Something to break up the day.  Today I bring you a snippet from the TV show "In Plain Sight."

We love what we love.  For some people it’s a first grade crush.  For others it’s a big wheel, the wrong guy, or the New York Mets.  For some of us its something unreachable, something we’ve maybe never had before. 
 And we know that even if we reach it, even if we pull it close and make it ours, it won’t last.  It can’t.  But we keep on, because it doesn’t matter if it’s a big wheel, the wrong guy or the New York Mets it doesn’t matter what we reach for.  What matters is the reaching.

What do you love?  Do you try to reach it?  Or, believing that it is something you will never be able to hold on to, do you settle?  The challenge I think is to try.  So reach.  Keep reaching.


  1. I love God, my family, LSU Tigers and New Orleans Saints football, crawfish boils, flipflops and rain on a tin roof.

    Does that count?

  2. Jess, that totally counts. Rain on a tin roof is great (and its a good song). I realized I didn't even post some of my loves. Love God, family, a big quilt, hope, and of course the sunset.


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