Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The World Will Not Crumble

Twice.  Twice in a 36 hour period I got the same message.  Hello Heather, I think the universe is saying something.

First it was a message on a friends Facebook wall.  One of those apps that generates daily responses, and sometimes my friend posts them on her wall.  The message was this:

On this day, God wants you to know
... that when you need a break, - take a break. You will often find that the world does not crumble when you are resting. Others will move in to take care of those details that you think cannot be done without you.

Subtle.  But a small poke.  Then it came more directly.  In a conversation with a friend.  "Maybe you need to take time for you.  Get out of the space.  Even if its just one night a week you go to a coffee shop for an hour or two."

It was then that I recognized that I'm holding it all in.  Not that that is a surprise.  But I'm taking it all in, slowly depleting my reserves but I'm not recharging.  Not really.  I'm still in the space.  While sometimes I'm in my space, I'm not really charging.  I'm simply standing by.  Like a computer in sleep mode.  The battery still runs, but it doesn't charge.

I know that the world will not crumble without me.  That if I rest the world keeps spinning, the sun still shines, the grass still grows...

Maybe it will be a coffee shop.  Maybe it's an afternoon walking the mall.  Maybe it's heading to the History Museum of the Institute of Art.  Maybe it's going to a movie.

But some way.  Some how.  I will try and make time.  I will make time.  I need to make time.

The world will not crumble.  I will recharge.  I will be able to do more and do it better.  And do it without wearing myself out in the process.

So my question to you, is do you take a break?  What do you do?

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  1. A good one, Heather! We do tend forget in this busy life what it is to truly check out, don't we?

    I'm guilty of doing the same! A couple of months ago, I knew I was reaching a breaking point and took a trip to India, even though it was hard to take care of all the logistics for me to do so... That's when I knew how much I needed to truly get out of my daily grind...

    Do take a break; you'll be a better person for it! :-)


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