Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Catching up on the blogs I read I noticed that Bakergirl had a post that made me laugh.  She has a pinsession.  

Why did I laugh?  Because I have one to.  Pinterest is an amazing site.  It's a virtual bulletin board where you can have as many boards as you like.  I'm currently using 21 boards with titles like "Favorite Spaces and Places," "TV + Movies," "Wordy Word," "Make Me Smile," and "Gotta Have Faith."  On those boards you can pin pictures from anywhere on the internet, or you can re-pin someone else's picture.

It's amazing and a great way to collect cool things from around the internet.  Here are some of my recent pins:

1. This picture came with the caption: “a bible that’s falling apart usually belongs to someone who isn’t” -Charles Spurgeon.   This is on my Gotta Have Faith board.  I love it.  Someday I will be more disciplined in reading my bible and my bible will be well worn like this.

2. This is a great idea for smaller spaces, or someone like me who has a TON of makeup.  There are magnets on the back of each makeup item and then a neat frame is used to hold them.  

3. This is just a beautiful picture.  So it's on my "Cool Pictures" board.  I would love to be able to take pictures like this.  Instead, I just pin them. 

4. This is something I will share with my students on the importance of punctuation.  Hilarious.  It is these sort of funny pins that make pinterest so addicting.

5. There is a board I have called "Maybe Someday."  Maybe, someday I will get married.  And if and when I do, this is an idea I may need to use.  The most important people in your life use something blue to write a message to help you walk down the aisle.  

6. Shhhh!  Don't tell my Dad.  But he is getting this for his next birthday, or Father's day.  I'm not creative enough to come up with this on my own.  But that's what pinterest is for!

So, Pinterest is highly recommended.  I go on it just for 5 minutes, 40 minutes and 20 pins later time has been wasted.  But man, was it fun!

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