Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wordy Wednesday

If you're anything like me, your Wednesdays often feel long.  You're only half done with your work week. You still have a to-do list that seems a mile long.  So on Wednesdays I like to share a quote, short passage or song lyric that I've discovered.

Today's quote is from a BBC show called Torchwood, episode Random Shoes.

The average lifers full of near misses and absolute hits.  
Of great love and small disasters.  
It's made up of banana milkshakes, loft insulation and random shoes.  
It's dead ordinary and truly, truly amazing.  
What you've got to realize is, it's all here, now.  
So breath deep and swallow it whole.  
Because take it from me: life just whizzes by, 
and then, all of the sudden, it's ---

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