Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Wordy Wednesday

This week I watched "Visionaries: Inside the Creative Mind" on OWN.  The episode I watched was on James Cameron.  Thinking it was going to be just a little interesting I didn't have high expectations.  But Mr. Cameron had some pretty neat things to say.  So today, on this busy Wednesday, as I finish up my day teaching here are some of those more interesting comments he made:

There's a moment when the fantastic becomes possible. Just barely possible and that's where the fun is.

Doors don't just open for you. Every once in awhile one will open a crack and you have to recognize that that's the moment. The door will open just a crack, for a split second and you have to push it the rest of the way open. And you have to know that's the moment to step through.

I always think of the universe as like a giant bank vault lock. And the tumblers are constantly moving. And every once in awhile the tumblers line up and you've gotta listen for the click.

It's not enough to just bear witness. You have to also bring that back for everyone else.

Fortune favors the prepared.

You must always be prepared to fail. Because  only by being prepared to fail will you take the kind of risks to do something new. Now having said that you do the very very best you can to hedge every possible bet. Do every bit of planning, do every bit of research so that you don't in fact fail. 

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