Thursday, December 1, 2011

Book Review: I Used to Know That & I Wish I Knew That

I Used to Know That by Caroline Taggart is a fun reminder of all the things you used to know.  Covering history, religion, literature, science and nature this book is full of those little things you learned throughout your schooling years, but perhaps forgot.  

As a teacher I can easily see myself getting this book and using it in the classroom as an additional tool for both myself and my students.

If you like random facts, and knowing a little bit about various subjects that this may be the book for you!

While there is a lot in here that I might not use it was a fun refresher.

I Wish I Knew That by Steve Martin, Dr. Mike Goldsmith and Marianne Taylor is a book that will put you in front of the class.

This book contained the following subjects:
- Classic Reads
- How Land is Shaped and Changed
- Math Stuff
- Science at a Glance
- History Stuff

Get an overview of children's literature classics like The Wind in the Willows or Call of the Wild.  Learn about the world's tallest mountain, largest sea and longest river.  Get a refresher in geometry.  Find out more about Dmitri Medeleyev, creator of the periodic table.  Learn about early explorers, get the main points from important wars, and have a list of all the countries and their capitals.

Of the two books I liked this one a little better.  It had some really neat information that would be useful to teachers and parents alike.  This is one I would add to a school library collection.

(I received complimentary copies of these ebooks through NetGalley for review purposes.)

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