Tuesday, January 31, 2012

It's Been Busy

Life got busy!  Bad excuse right?  It's an excuse I think we use so often.

I was so busy I forgot your birthday.  Forgot to call you back.  Forgot to get you that paperwork.  Forgot our meeting.  Forgot.  Forgot.  Forgot.

It's been so busy I've forgotten to take the time and chat with my blogosphere friends.  To take the time for me to look back on the last few hours, days, weeks.

It's been busy.

But that's not an excuse.  Not an excuse for letting friendships slip, letting relationships lag, letting to-do lists grow longer, things accomplished grow smaller.  It's not an excuse.  So I am back.  And getting ready to gear up.

By Friday I will have two new posts.  That's right TWO.  Maybe even three by saturday.  That would be awesome.  The plan is to reflect on my 12 Changes progress for January, where I'm headed in February and I have a book review to write.  To create really.

I'm excited.

Yes, life got busy.  And it's only going to get busier for me.  But that's not an excuse.  So we're off...

Remember life is short.  So think about your dreams a little harder.  
Reach a little higher.  Laugh a little louder.  Love a little stronger.  
Because many things in life can wait... The Sunset Won't!


  1. Great reminder. I'm back on blogger since the beginning of January. You're right, life got busy, but it shouldn't be an excuse!

  2. I agree. Never really understood the "I was too busy excuse". Unless you're dying or someone else you know is dying you can always make time to do things.

    Now, do you actually want to make that time though.

  3. Everyone has been getting busy the past few weeks. The year is starting out as a doozy for many, and it's hard to get situated sometimes.

    Glad you're back. :)


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