Thursday, March 22, 2012

I Can Do It Later

I'll do it later.

It'll wait twenty minutes.


How many times have you said or thought something like that? I can do it later. If your anything like me than when you stop and think about it, it's more often than you care to admit.

I believe that a little background needs to be laid before I continue. For some reason I have some strange sleep habits. Every electronic device in my room (which is a lot as I have my whole life in one room in my parents basement for the time being) has to be off. If it has a light that can't be turned off the light is covered or blocked by something. Even unplugged if necessary. There also has to be a fan on. Near the head of my bed. A sort of white noise. You would think that a sound machine would work, but no, it has to be a real fan. So...

I have this alarm clock. It was a gift from my older cousin when I went to college. It's one of those small ones no bigger than my hand that is battery operated. It doesn't light up unless you hit button in the middle and then it has this tealish glow. Anyway, it is now, let's see, about six years old. I can't find anything like it so no replacing it just yet.

The problem is that the side of it is broken. It keeps falling off. And not ten minutes ago it happened. And the piece fell under bed. Now I'm currently in pjs writing this, planning to read a bit, then head to bed. Needless to say I'm tired. So the piece falls off and what do I do? I instantly think, screw it, I'll pick it up tomorrow.

Why on Gods green earth would I do that?! Why would I wait 12 hours to do something that would take me all of 8 seconds? I mean really. Why do we do that?

Then I thought about how often I do that in may day to day life. How often I put off something so small. Folding the laundry. Putting said laundry away. Doing the dishes. Taking out the trash. Putting away hair dryers, straighteners, brushes etc after I use them in the morning. Going through my mail.

These are not hard things. They are not big things. But if I do this with little things how often do I do it with the big things.

Telling my friends and family how much they mean to me. Taking care of my health. Going out Ina limb. Taking chances. Saying what I really think.

I can do it tomorrow, right?

There is a quote "dont put off until tomorrow that which you can do today." I don't know if I've ever really taken that to heart. Sure I listen and think, "oh thats smart."

But, I can do it tomorrow.


  1. We all do that in some capacity. I guess it's ok to give ourself some leeway if it's something small, as long as we don't drop any big balls.

    I've missed your perceptive posts, being away from blogland for some time!

  2. Nice post. You might like this cartoon about "doing it later".

  3. We spend far more time telling ourselves we'll do something later than it usually takes to do the thing in the first place. It's ridiculous. Thanks for the reminder. I know I can use my time better, for sure!


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