Sunday, April 15, 2012

Remember the Get to Do

It's been over three weeks since I last looked at this screen on my computer.  Since I last sat down to process all of the things that have been happening in my life.

First things first, I survived the 40 days!  They were hard.  I'm sure they could have been harder, but I wasn't sure I could make it.  But I did.  Then on day zero I woke up sick.  It was like a weight was lifted off my shoulders and I could breathe a little easier and then BAM!  Virus time.

Sometimes I think life is like that.  It's hard.  It's busy.  But we make it.  We survive.

No, we thrive.

Because it's what we do.

But when that to-do list grows it is then that I often forget.  Forget to stop and watch a sunset, or a sunrise.  To enjoy a great cup of coffee while doing nothing else.  To be thankful.  Gracious.  Appreciative.

It's a constant struggle to not let the list of have to-do overshadow the list of get to-do.

I get to go to work, I get to sleep in a warm bed, I get to buy the occasional Caribou Coffee, buy a new book... I'm lucky.

I didn't have to take those two classes that were stressing me out, I got to further my education.  I get another teaching license which may help me get a full time teaching job.

Remember the get to-dos, not just the have to-dos.

Remember life is short.  So think about your dreams a little harder.  
Reach a little higher.  Laugh a little louder.  Love a little stronger.  
Because many things in life can wait... The Sunset Won't!

So, what do you get to do?


  1. So many things we take for granted! I recently got to weed my garden thoroughly, plant new seedlings and basically revamp the yard. I'm so thankful I had the time and energy to do that....

  2. I've really tried to focus on how blessed I am. Instead of being bummed that I have to get up to go to work, I remind myself that I'm very lucky to have a job to go to. Or when I don't want to get out of bed to go work out in the morning, I should instead think about how lucky I am to have the time to get to focus on myself and improving my health? Or when I gripe about having to clean our apartment, I should really be basking in thanksgiving that I have a roof above my head and a place to call home.


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