Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Save As Draft

It happens in everyday conversations. It happens in emails. It happens in text messages or even notes left for someone. It happens when I sit to write a blog post. Editing.

 The most recent example in my life happen to be in email form over the last few days. I don't want to go into too much detail except to say that I've handled it in several different ways in one week.

 Reaction #1: Ignore whatever feelings I had and answer in as busineslike a manner as possible (even though it wasn't a business conversation).

 Reaction #2: Tell myself that I'm over-reacting, or being selfish, or being ridiculous (see most recent post "Guilty").

 Reaction #3: Try and figure out a solution that is best for everyone involved (despite this being one of the only instances where I feel that I should have the biggest say).

 Reaction #4: Let myself be upset and sad, then get try to see that it just wasnt meant to be.

 Reaction #5: Type an immediate, in the moment reply. Only to edit myself and click that button that is getting more frequently used- save as draft.

 But that last reaction... Saving that email as a draft, got me thinking. How often do I save what I'm thinking? Do I hold back? And why do I do it? Is it a feeling of guilt, that I might be in the wrong? Perhaps my opinion or feelings aren't valid, or don't matter as much? Perhaps people will look at me differently? Or not like me anymore?

Whatever it is, I'm sensing that if I am thinking in it this much, that if there is the sudden urge to write about it... Well then there is a lesson to be learned. It might take me a day or two to figure out what that lesson is.

So for now, that email sits in my draft box. Waiting to be deleted. Waiting to be sent. Waiting to be edited. Waiting to wait some more.

 Do you ever edit yourself? Why?

Remember, there are always things in life that can wait. 
But the word keeps spinning. 
 The sun will rise, the days goes on. 
Many things can wait, but The Sunset Won't.


  1. As a professional writer and editor, I'm constantly editing myself. My "draft" folder in my Gmail inbox is one of my sicknesses -- not sure why I'm so hesitant to just hit send! Maybe I'll try to take your message to heart send a few of them today. :)

  2. I think we all do this on a day-to-day basis; more on some days than others. I completely get all the reactions you went through, even though I don't know the details of the email that prompted them. Hope you find peace soon with whichever action you decide to take with your draft!


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