Monday, May 21, 2012

Students Say...

People are funny.  But middle schoolers... middle schoolers are hilarious.

Here are some of my favorite things that my students have said over the last few weeks (I figured it's Monday, we could use a laugh):

If the underground railroad was so secret, why do people know so much about it today?

We're going to be some bad parents.  My generation.

He hits me.  Ow Char-lay!

Ms. ****, what happened to your hand?  
My cat scratched me.  
Scratch it back!

(A students voice was cracking): Oh guys, he's finally becoming a man!

I'm not lying.  I just mislead you.

Ms. ****, how do you spell e'erybody?

So you have high perspectives for this class?  
I have what?  
You just said you have high perspectives for us or something?  
Do you mean standards?  I have high standards for you?

Girl: Ahh, I'm the only girl in here today!
Excuse me?  What am I?
Boy #1: You're not a girl Ms. ****, you're a woman.
Boy #2: Yeah, that's different.

Ms. ****, what would you do if I was your kid? (Showing me his grades)
Ground you.
Because you have all F's.
Oh... what would you do if I stole something.

"Tommy" wake up.  You need to be reading.
Why can't I just sleep?  I need sleep, right?

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  1. I feel like you could probably fill a whole book with these in just a couple of years!


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