Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Like a Ship Being Tossed About

A while ago I wrote about a having a convincing performance when I got to church.  Misplacing my faith and forgetting where it was. 

While I was rolling around on the stormy seas of life and my ship, "Faith," was being tossed about, hidden behind the towering waves I wondered if it would ever end.  Or would my ship break apart, pieces floating off on the horizon.

In the worst of it I had a meeting with a colleague.  One who I know has a very strong foundation in her faith.  She's is the one who originally pointed out to me that even though I felt like I was standing on sand... it was a rock.

"You don't see the rock you're standing on."
"That's just it," I said.  "I feel like I'm standing on a pile of sand."
"That's not good.  Because the rock is there.  It's everything.  
Even if you can't see it, you need to feel it."

She commented on how I'm not really me at work.  Not really Heather. She mentioned that she was excited for me to be me... because I'm great.  She didn't know me that well, but she thought I wasn't being me.

What was funny is that... I don't really know who I am either.  I'm not sure I know my strengths.  I feel like lately, when I look in a mirror all I see are weaknesses.  All I CAN see I should say.  Because I know, deep down, that I have strengths.  There have to be things that I'm especially good at.  Not some strength that someone comes up with to prove that yes, you do have strengths.  But honest to goodness strengths.  

So tomorrow I'll take some Windex and wipe off that mirror.  So I can see perhaps a little more easily.

Isn't strange how sometimes there are people that just get you.  Who say things to you that at precise, solitary moment, you so desperately need to hear.  Those moments where you almost do feel the spirit has to be at work because what else could it possibly be?

Remember, many things in life can wait.  But seeing that rock.  
Finding your strengths.  And the Sunset Won't.

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