Friday, June 14, 2013

The Eagle, the Hummingbird and the Cardinal

"I don't want to rock the boat, or for this to change the plans we just made.  But I want to make this as purely and observation.  We are having a do nothing day tomorrow.  A day of rest and relaxation.  A day when we don't have anything to go do.  To go see.  And the instant we said this you added that we would go go-carting and mini-golfing in the late afternoon.  You had to add something to DO, while I meant a lounging day of chilling out, relaxing, reading... ALL day."

A couple minutes later:

"Heather, you're like an eagle.  They soar and have a direct path, they know what they want and how to get it most efficiently. But they also sit in a perch.  I'm a hummingbird.  I go go go all the time, all of over the place.  I flit around."

An eagle, that's how she equated my personality.  I don't know about that though. Eagles are majestic, which I don't think I am.  But I do see the major differences between an eagle and a hummingbird.  The visual, if you knew us, would be pretty accurate.

We then talked about the differences in how we were raised.  What we remember of vacations, of summers growing up.  Ms. K was on the go all the time, she was doing things, with other people.  

What I remember are a few big trips, but not a lot of being outdoors.  Not a lot of busy, jam packed days.  I remember often entertaining myself as my parents were working or taking care of my brother.  I entertained myself,  or spent time with other adults in my family.  

I think that's why I'm good sitting and reading, or writing or watching tv for big periods of time.  Perhaps it's a part of why ire charge on my own.  Why I now crave it. Why I often feel more comfortable around people older than me rather than people my age.  

So this eagle is vacationing with a hummingbird and a (well we started with blue jay, but someone told me those are considered a pest, so now we're leaning towards a) cardinal.  

This eagle is trying, trying really hard though it may not seem like it, to spread her wings a little more.  To take a meandering flight rather than such a direct one.  

To head to a place where there are other birds.  

To find a way to have fun and spend time with a hummingbird and a cardinal without giving up what makes her an eagle.

But at least she's trying.

Remember, there are many things in life that can wait, but The Sunset Won't. 

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