Thursday, June 20, 2013

From Wordy Wednesday to Title Tuesdays

For awhile I was writing a post every Wednesday called "Wordy Wednesday."  They were quotes, song lyrics, or something I heard somewhere along the line.  They were short and sweet and served me well for a year, and then reappeared for a one time showing two years almost to the day of the first Wordy Wednesday installment.

Somewhere along the line it became more of a chore hunting down a quote I hadn't ever used on this blog, rather than being a fun quick break from writing, so I stopped doing it.

Today as I made the bold decision to go through all the papers on my desk and in the magazine holders that I thought were organized (ha!).  I came across my "go-to" folder.  It went with me almost everywhere.  It had calendars, notes, and a list of ideas for blog posts.  Some of it was just titles, phrases, some of them were longer ideas.

Reading over that list I noticed that I had a handful of book titles on the list.

Light bulb!

I'm going to give a try for the next few weeks: Title Tuesdays.

Blog posts that are inspired by book titles!

I'm hoping it will last through the summer.  But as with everything, we shall see.

Until then,

Remember, many things in life can wait,
but The Sunset Won't!

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