Friday, June 26, 2015

The Purpose of Writing

Do you post on Facebook?


Heart on Instagram?

My question is why do you do it?  Is it to put your best face forward?  To connect with relatives and friends?  To get noticed?

Last night I was speaking with a couple friends about blogging.  What's the purpose?  With thousands of blogs out there it seems near impossible to become the "it" blog.  The one to which many people return to read posts, comment and connect.

Again I ask, what's the purpose?  To be a sort of digital journal to your thoughts?  Perhaps, if you're a teacher, you might blog to remember things for your classroom?  Maybe you write purely for the sake of writing.

I believe that every writer writes for a purpose.  One of those purposes being to be read.  All writers want that.  To believe that our words have value.  That they connect with someone, somewhere.

Remember many things in life can wait,
but The Sunset Won't.

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