Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Heart of Lies: Title Tuesday

I realized something very interesting about myself this weekend.  Something that I know I'll probably forget in a few days, but then randomly it will pop back in my head... like the lyrics to a guilty pleasure song.

(The story surrounding this lesson will purposely remain vague.  It involves people I don't want to talk about here.  People whose story isn't necessarily mine to share.)

I am a pretty naive person.  I will admit it.  There are things that could happen around me and I would have no idea they were happening.  And apparently this happened during the 4th of July weekend with my family.  (This is harder than I thought... being vague!)  

In the end, the lesson that I learned is that I have a heart of lies.  Deep in my heart I have held some pretty strong beliefs.  Like when I look in a mirror all I see is fat.  Is a very large unattractive, ugly person.  Almost always.  I see someone who will be alone for a very long time.  Someone others don't like.  Wouldn't like if they got to know me.


These beliefs that I've clung to, held on to for so long... well I had a glimpse this past week that perhaps I've been lying to myself.   Perhaps a part of my heart has been a heart of lies.

And while that's a bit terrifying, that I can't hide behind those lies anymore, clinging to them like a safety blanket.  It's also a bit freeing.

So I will now try to turn that Heart of Lies into a Heart of Truth.  One piece at a time.

Remember, many things in life can wait... but finding the truth... and the sunset... won't.

Do you have a Heart of Lies?  What lies do you tell yourself?

Blog Post inspired by "Heart of Lies" by Jill Marie Landis.

Title Tuesday: Blog posts inspired by the title of a book.

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