Tuesday, July 16, 2013

There You'll Find Me: Title Tuesday

"Who am I" is a question that I often ask myself (and really, who doesn't?).  So I'm sitting here thinking, if someone asked me who I am I'd struggle to answer that question.

Perhaps it's because of how I see myself.  The value I place on myself.

But then looking at a list of book titles I saw this one, "There You'll Find Me."  While the book takes a different direction than this post will today.  It clicked.

In the moments where the sun sets down behind the horizon.

Where lilies are displayed in a vase.

Where my family is gathered: in a living room, a kitchen, a car, in a circle of camp chairs in South Dakota at dusk, around the Thanksgiving table.

When the call is made for help or where I can be of help to others.

Where there is learning.

Under a warm quilt, snuggled up tight.

When a page is turned.

When someone needs to talk something out.

Where organization or planning are needed.

Where there is coffee or tea.

Where it is quiet.

In the moments of sympathy, empathy and understanding.

Where the tires meet the road.

In the safest of spaces and the coolest of places.

Where I can feel useful.

Where there is doubt, and that's okay.

In the moments of random joy and laughter.

Where the present meets the past, or where the past lives and breathes.

It is,
There You'll Find Me.

Remember, many things in life can wait... 
but trying to find yourself, working to figure out who you are, 
learning to love yourself...  and The Sunset Won't.

Where can you be found?

Quotes from the book that inspire me:
So the line's clogged up.  
Sometimes when we get bad mobile reception, 
we don't known if it's our line or the other person's.  
Hard to tell.  So much interference with our signal these days... 
perhaps you weren't truly listening.

Right now, this is your time.  
And Jesus has been waiting... hands out, saying, 
'Eyes on me.  I've got you.'

Blog Post inspired by There You'll Find Me by Jenny B. Jones.

Title Tuesday: blog posts inspired by the titles of books.

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