Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Savor the Moment: Title Tuesday

For the last two weeks I worked at a Vacation Bible School.  I found out a few days before we started that I would have some of the youngest kids (Kindergarten and First Graders).  Keeping in mind that I went to school to be a high school teacher, who ended up teaching middle school, I was anxious. 

Anxious about how I would connect with these kids, if they would listen, if they would learn, and if they would have fun.

The second week I co-directed a musical for the younger kids, while another director covered middle/high schoolers.  We learned an entire musical: the story, speaking parts, songs, staging, choreography, how to be on stage, different parts of acting... in a week.  IN A WEEK!


Our performance was Sunday.  The kids arrived early so we could run the show, get them in their "costumes," play a game and pray before we took the stage.

It went by so fast.  The kids did such a fantastic job.  The major hiccups happening right before show time resolved themselves and I couldn't have been more proud of the work those kids did.  They were awesome!

On my way home after watching the other show, talking with people who came to see it I had this high.  This adrenaline rush.  I was so happy.  Happy for the students that things went well.  Grateful to have had such amazing staff and co-director to work with for the week.

The feeling that I had on Sunday, and thinking about it now... I just want to hold onto it.  Because I know how quickly emotions can change.  Tides can go out.  And I... well I just want to Savor the Moment.

Remember, many things in life can wait... and The Sunset Won't.

Is there a moment that you really want to savor?  Tell me about it!
Quotes from the book:
Sometimes you look for the trapdoor 
and run into a wall instead.
She'd brushed off whatever pinched at her.  
But brushing it off didn't mean 
it wasn't lurking in the corners, 
waiting to pinch again. 

Blog Post inspired by Savor the Moment by Nora Roberts.

Title Tuesday: blog posts inspired by the titles of books.

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