Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Take a Chance on Me: Title Tuesday

"Take a chance on God.  After all, He took a chance on you." 
- from Take a Chance on Me by Susan May Warren

If you read this blog, or know me outside of the blogosphere you would know that I misplaced something awhile ago.

It's like I was Ariel being dropped onto land, sitting at a banquet table and using a fork to comb my hair.  

Things just didn't seem right.  They just didn't feel right.

I first wrote those words weeks ago, if not months ago.  We've all been there.  I know I have been time, and time and time again.

I look outside on a sunny day and see the beauty around me.  I acknowledge that this is not some random occurrence.  This is something created by God.  Something wonderful.  But while looking at that beauty I feel less than.

I think about how luck I am to have the friends I do.  And then I feel loneliness.

I take a moment to reflect on my life, having a job, a roof over my head, a car, etc.  But while reflecting I think about the things I don't have: a job teaching social studies, a significant other to share my life with, the marriage and children I thought (planned) that I would have by now.

Belief: acceptance (of something) as true
Faith: complete trust or confidence in someone or something

I believe that there are moments when we lose our faith.  When we set it down, the then for the life of you can't remember where you put it.  

I'm at a point where it feels awkward.  Awkward and I can't really explain why.  I know.  I know deep down that I want to have complete trust and confidence in God.  I just don't know where to begin.  And I'm scared.  Scared that if I let it go then I can never reel it back in.

I sense God saying "Take a Chance on Me" but I don't know how to do it.  I'm not a risk taker.  I'm a calculator.  I'm a planner.  I look at a situation from many angles, finding the one I determine to be the best for everyone.

How then, how do I take a chance on God?  What is my next step?  (See there's the planning again.)  

Remember many things in life can wait,
but taking a chance
and The Sunset Won't.

Take a Chance on My by Susan May Warren check out Ms. Warren's website for more information and links to buy the book. 

Blog Series: Title Tuesday.  Posts inspired by the titles of books that I've read or come across. 

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